Heidi’s Bier Bar – Scandinavia’s Best Après-ski Bar

At Heidi’s Bier Bar, you get to experience an authentic après-ski atmosphere complete with large foaming pints, table dancing ‘Oktoberfest style’ and nail driving contests. A visit to Heidi’s Bier Bar takes you to an Austrian après-ski bar just like in the Alps, and right away you’re absorbed by the amazing après-ski vibe that greets you.

The Authentic Après-ski Vibe

Dressed in pretty Tyrolean dresses, our hostesses will pour you one large pint after the other, while cheerfully swinging their braided pigtails behind our big wood-paneled counter. Spirits are high, the party is wild, and everywhere you look, you see a jumble of happy people, towers of foaming beer, skis holding colorful shots, and sleds packed with everything your thirsty après-ski heart could possibly desire. At the same time, the music is pumping with German, Scandinavian and international hits to create just the right après-ski party. It’s the kind of music that slowly but surely makes your hips move and your beer foam. Before you know it, you’re on the table singing along to “Born in the U.S.A.” at the top of your lungs.

If this sounds like fun, you can book a table for you and all your friends – free of charge.


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We Keep the Beers and Après-ski Drinks Flowing

At Heidi’s Bier Bar, brews flow from more than 10 different taps, and if you prefer bottled craft beer, you can take your pick from our selection of more than 35 delicious Nordic and international beers. Should you be extra thirsty, perhaps we can tempt you with our famous 4 liter beer tower? Not least, we of course offer a selection of all the best après-ski drinks. Should one of your favorites happen to be a Jägerbomb, the handsome gentlemen in Lederhosen behind the counter will be happy to serve you and your friends the evening’s longest Jäger-train.

See You at the Après-ski Party?

Whether you are in the mood for a cheerful night out enjoying good company and delicious brews or you are planning a blast of an après-ski party, where you can sing along with DJ Ötzi and try to set the world record in table dancing ‘Oktoberfest style’, Heidi’s Bier Bar is the place to be. Here, we laugh, party and flirt to our hearts’ content. And with over 12 years of experience as Scandinavia’s best après-ski bar and with over 4350 open nights of après-ski parties, we are not afraid to guarantee a fun night out!

All of us at Heidi’s Bier Bar look forward to seeing you and serving you a nice, big pint.


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